Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Herbal Tea & Animals!

By Kaitlin Koppenal

As an animal lover, I was getting awfully concerned when my 1-year-old miniature dachshund, Scooter, was a sweaty mess when I would return from a long day of work. My neighbor stopped me in the hallway to tell me that my dog barked nonstop from the time I left, until the time I came home. Not only was I concerned for the sanity of my neighbors, but I was concerned with Scooter’s health. When I would return home from work, his stomach would be drenched from sweat. He’d take his short, stubby front legs and tuck them to his side, propelling the rest of his body by his back feet across the floor drying himself off (hence the name Scooter). He’d then sprint to his water bowl, drinking it all up and about two other ones.

You might be wondering why I am writing about my dog when I normally write about tea. Well, tea not only has helped me out, but it has done wonders for Scooter. I was talking to some friends about how different types of teas have the same effect for animals as it has on humans. I thought I should see if Chamomile tea would help calm him down before I left, so he would stop his non-stop barking and stop dehydrating himself while I was out. I found also, because he was barking tons, he was having digestion problems, due to lack of hydration. Note: Stick to herbal teas when it comes to your animals. Herbal teas also will help your dogs or cats coat regain its beautiful shine and will help heal the dry skin.

The answer to all of my problems, except the chewing, was the Chamomile tea. I make Scooter a nice bowl of Chamomile tea about 1 hour before I leave, cooling it down of course. I told my neighbors that I was trying this out and to report back with me if it made a difference. The neighbor behind me said that he doesn’t hear that much barking anymore. The Chamomile tea has aided his anxiety and has allowed him to relax while I’m away. As far as the digestion problem, because he is not barking anymore, I am glad to report that everything is the way it should be. Herbal teas for the treatment of an animal’s problem are not only convenient, but cheap. I feel much better about giving my dog a natural tea that he actually likes to drink, than giving him a anxiety pill that I have no idea what is it in.

Not only can Chamomile tea be a treatment to our sleepless nights, and digestion problems, if your dog or cat is a sufferer from this as well, go ahead and brew you and your four legged friend a cup of herbal tea. You’d be amazed to see the difference!