Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Gifts for a Tea Lover

By Kaitlin Koppenal

The way the economy has been going, who has extra money to spend on gifts? No matter if it is a best friend, family member, or a thank you for a job well done; the price tag on a great gift does not have to break the bank or your wallet. Finding the perfect gift at a great price means you just need to know the right place to look to find that gift. I have included a few of many great finds on You can mix and match these to fit your price range and be sure that the person receiving this gift will be very happy. I absolutely love all of their products on this site. Not only do they are fantastic prices, but the shipping is extremely reasonable and fast! Note: By clicking on the titles, it will lead you directly to the product website! Happy shopping!

1. 2 Cup Bodum Assam Teapot 17 oz – $25.49

At this price, this is such a bargain! It is a perfect gift for the recipient if they are brewing just one cup of tea, or has invited you over for a perfect cup of tea too! With the many types of tea you can brew in the center column, the brewing process is stopped with the plunger is dropped down. Along with this gift, I also suggest including a fantastically priced tea for them to try along with their new teapot such as Cranberry Orange Flavored Black Tea.

2. Tea Sampler - Tea Bags - English Favorites - $5.79

Can’t decide on what type of tea to get them? This tea sampler from the English Tea Store allows you to give the gift of multiple flavors without breaking the bank! At less than six dollars, eight different types of tea is a steal! Pairing this extremely reasonable tea with a nice mug is the perfect gift at a perfect price!

3. Mini Honey Pot & Dipper- $5.50

What a fantastic idea it is to include a great mini honey pot and dipper with Organic Honey (only $5.24) with your gift. It is adorable yet practical gift that will sure to get smiles.