Friday, December 18, 2009

Tea Championships at Tea Expo

The World Tea Expo is an annual trade show that revolves around the tea industry. This year attended by just under 5,000 professionals in the tea industry the annual event unites education, innovation and invention. This tea exposition offers industry insiders the perfect venue to gather, compare notes and learn from each other.

The tea industry was a $7 billion industry in 2008, and it is expected to grow to a $10 billion industry by the close of 2010. The catalyst for growth is specialty and premium tea, and therein lies the industry’s current focus.

This event is not open to the public, rather it consists of thousands of tea room owners, retailers, spa managers, grocers and other professionals who gather to view over 300 specialty wholesale tea suppliers and vendors. Over half of the companies in attendance exhibit their innovative products only at this tradeshow. For many retailers, this will be the only chance that they have to meet with these elusive suppliers.

The World Tea Expo offers educational conferences encompassing the most comprehensive education available in regards to tea. There are sessions designed for new retailers as well as research and development and core business sessions.

The main event showcases the World Tea Championship, which is an independent competition judged by professionals looking for the best tasting, highest quality commercial teas available. It has two classes, which are Iced Tea and Hot Tea. The judging is a blind evaluation, and each category within each class awards a first, second and third place winner.

The World Tea Expo held its first tea industry trade show in March of 2003, and it is one of the fastest growing trade shows in North America. An annual event, the World Tea Expo continues to grow with no end in sight.


Tea-Lover said...

Last year we visited International Tea Expo in Shanghai (May 2009). I was a little disappointing. No one spoke English, including International Reception staff! If we didn't speak Chinese, we would not have a chance to create some interesting links there.