Friday, December 18, 2009

Decorating with Tea Tins

While tea tins began as a strictly functional piece of equipment in the tea industry, they have made huge inroads into the world of decorating. Tea tins have a rich history, and as with any historical memorabilia they can be collected and traded. You can trace the social and political changes through the actual tins themselves, and by collecting tea tins, you tell the story of our world through tea.

Not only are tea tins collectible from an historic standpoint, but simply from an aesthetic standpoint as well. They are bright and colorful, and they have bold and interesting graphics. Tea tins come from all over the world, so their designs are limitless. They come in all shapes and sizes, so they can be used for a multitude of things around the home, and best of all, with each tea tin comes a delicious batch of tea.

Tea tins make a beautiful display as vases in your home or at your next luncheon. They are the perfect size to line up along a windowsill with petit bouquets of garden fresh blooms in them to add interest and color to your room. For a luncheon, you can arrange a group of tea tins in different sizes, shapes and colors to make an interesting and colorful centerpiece for your table. Add flowers to them for additional color, or fill them with sand to make a one of a kind candle holder.

Larger tea tins can be used on your countertop to store flour, pasta, cookies and even tea, and they will add color and interest to kitchen. A collection of brightly colored tea tins also look great displayed along the top of your kitchen cabinets or on floating shelves on the kitchen wall.

In your home office, use tea tins to hold pencils and pens, or add a magnet to the bottom of a small tea tin to make a great place to store paperclips on your desktop. There are many, many uses for colorful tea tins in your home, just look around and be creative.


Martin P. said...

I love tea tins. I use it as a pencil and ballpen holder on my desk.

healthy tea said...

What a lovely idea for the tea tins. I have several sitting around that are less than attractive. I never know what to do with pretty papers though I love them so. Thanks for the wonderful idea!