Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visions of tea

By Jess Hodges

I have made another quest into the murky brown waters of the future, the waters in question this time being those of a particularly excellent cup of chai at my local café, where I'm starting to get quite an audience.

There were loads of leaves left at the bottom of the cup this time making for a very comprehensive reading. The first things I saw were two sad faces, which was a bit worrying, followed by a square, a vampire and a ski slope.

The sad faces cannot possibly bode well and the square shows a need for creative thinking. This can only mean that I need to beware of vampires, especially while skiing.

Things get a bit fishy after that, I saw the letter G, a fish and a cat mermaid thing (top half cat, bottom half fish). Fish mean good things coming to you from across the water but cats mean a deceitful friend, maybe one who's name begins with the letter G? They will try and steal my nautical goodies and I must watch them!

Finally there was a tea pot, a traffic cone, an egg timer, a sauce pan, a tiger eating someone (even more worrying than the cat-fish abomination) and a shooting star. Teapots can only be good things, they are the bringers of good things for certain but traffic cones aren't usually as pleasant. Obviously I'll be needing to poor myself a cup of tea while I wait for some hold up to clear, luckily I didn't see builders. Egg timers are for new beginnings, evidentially things will change once the road works have been removed. A saucepan is for anxiety, a Tiger is good luck with gambling and the star is success so obviously a risk will pay off but unfortunately may result in someone being eaten.

The fates have spoken.