Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Is In the Air

By Kaitlin Koppenal

The sun is shining through my window, telling me to get up and explore the new and great day. Whether it is work, or just having a lovely day off, I start my morning the same way. I boil a pot of hot water with the intentions of making a nice cup of tea. While I’m waiting for the water to finish, I pull back the blinds, opening the sliding glass door and get my seat ready. I return back inside to finish making my cup of tea. Starting my morning with my tea, and the warm ray of sun on my face, allows me to clear my head before the headache of my day at work begins.

Like I’ve written before, I am new to tea. Never have I used loose tea, before I was just use to getting out a tea bag from the cupboard and microwaving my water and letting it steep until it is light brown. The loose tea also, has a much more intense flavor than tea in the bag form. Never before did I realize before that the temperature of the water and type of tea you use have a great effect on the overall taste of the tea. Around 180 Degrees F, to me, makes the perfect cup of tea. It is hot enough, that when milk is added, it is not warm, but it is also not scolding either.

I recently have been adding lemon to my tea. More than ever, I’ve been drinking flavored tea as well. The lemon in English Breakfast Tea or another type of Black tea, adds a perfect flavor and bitterness. Whether you add lemon, milk / cream, sugar or honey, it all depends on your personal preference. Some will argue it depends on the tea what you should add, but it is your cup of tea, so add whatever you’d like! Enjoy your morning/afternoon/or anytime cup of tea in this beautiful spring weather! HAPPY SPRING!