Monday, March 01, 2010

It's Tea Time!

By Kaitlan Koppenal

Knock, knock, knock. The UPS guy was delivering my first purchase from the English Tea Store. Boy was I excited to see everything I ordered! Before I submitted my order online, I browsed the English Tea Store’s website for hours. Once I thought I knew what I wanted, I would find something else that caught my eye and that I “had to have,” or so I thought. Not only is the English Tea Store reasonably priced, but no wonder why people love them! Everything is fantastic and is shipped quickly! My first, but not last, purchase consisted of two types of loose tea, chai tea in tea bags, and instant chai.

My loose tea that I ordered was fantastic! I got really cute frosted glass jars from IKEA for around 5 dollars. The jars are great to hold them because I can see exactly which tea I’m searching for, but it’s also great to lock in the freshness. The silicone ring around the lid prevents staleness so my tea lasts longer! My loose teas, English Breakfast Tea (English Tea Store Brand) and PG Tips, exceeded my expectations of loose teas. Before my purchase from the English Tea Store, I’ve never experienced the wonderful tasting loose tea. I was always scared to explore loose teas because I thought when I would drink the tea I would find pieces of the loose tea in my drink. In my purchase, I also included a reusable mesh tea ball. It’s perfect size to fit one tablespoon my English Breakfast tea and enjoy my morning cup of tea.

The Chai tea, in a bag and instant, are fantastic also. When I am at work, I can’t bring milk and sugar with me to take a great chai tea, so the instant chai tea is perfect. It’s so quick and easy and has the spiciness of the chai and a great flavor (raspberry). However, when I am home, I steep my chai tea bags and in a separate glass I warm up a little bit of milk. I use my milk frother to create a gourmet feeling at home! I can honestly say that I am more than happy with my purchase from the English Tea Store! At home or at the office, I can enjoy my purchase! They are a must when it comes to tea!


Shaiha said...

I love The English Tea Store but I wasn't able to find the instant version.

Kaitlin said...

On the English Tea Store, if you search Chai Amore they have Instant Chai. I lovee love loveeee the raspberry and the vanilla chai!