Friday, March 26, 2010

Drink Your Way to a Healthier Smile

By Kaitlin Koppenal

All too often we hear that our diet will reflect our chances of future diseases, cancers and other overall health issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually add something to your diet to help your health and improve it for the future?

Green tea is known for the benefits it contributes to good health. One of my favorite benefits it has on good health is its benefit for your teeth and the fact that it decreases the chances of oral cancer! Nowadays, we hear about the increasing chances of getting cancer. It’s actually scary to know that most of us will have some type of cancer before we die. But, isn’t it great to know that by adding something as simple as green tea to your diet, you can help prevent cancer!

How does it help decrease oral cancer?

Green tea halts the growth of oral cancer cells and breaks down and kills existing oral cancer. The antioxidants attack the free radicals that are lingering in your mouth. Those not drinking the green tea, the antioxidants cannot break down the free radicals and in return can lead to the growth of cancerous growths. Fact: China’s oral cancer rate is ½ of the United State’s cancer rate! Also, China has about 3 times more smokers than the US.

Death Rates:

7,800 people in the US will die each rate of Oral Cancer!

To reap the full benefits of green tea, you should expose the mouth to about 4-6 cups of green tea per day. By creating wonderful green tea drinks, either hot or cold, you can help significantly decrease your chances of obtaining oral cancer!

Not only is green tea great for preventing oral cancer it is also great for prevent other diseases or cancers and improving your health. Some of the things it can prevent are:

  • Heart Disease
  • Colon, Pancreatic and Stomach Cancer
Green tea is known dental plaque and helps defend the immune system.


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