Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Explore the Wonderful World of Tea


Like learning any new language, craft or skill, sometimes the bombardment of information can be overwhelming at first. As a new tea enthusiasts, I found myself trying to research all the different types of teas, loose verses prepackaged, black tea verses white tea. To make it easier on myself I broke it down into 2 main categories: Light and Dark tea. Part one will focus on White and Green teas, while part 2 will focus on Oolong and Black teas.

White Tea

While coming from the same plant, “camellia sinensis”, white tea is made with leaves that are processed where they are left to wilt to some extent while they are undergoing oxidation. During this process, the tea is said to lose the “grassy” taste that green tea is said to have. White tea is harvested before the leaves fully open and the buds are still covered with very fine white hairs. White tea can be a little bit on the pricier side, due to the quantity of this tea available. White tea is shown to be one of the best teas out there for the body. Studies run showed that white tea had high anti-inflammatory, has tons of anti-oxidants, anti-collagenase, and anti-elastase properties. The benefits of drinking white tea means it could help potentially reduce the signs of aging (by slowing down the enzyme that breaks down elastin and collagen); reduce risks or heart disease, some cancers. Not only is it delicious, but it’s great for you!

Green Tea

Made solely with the leaves of the “camellia sinesis” plant, green tea undergoes minimal oxidation. Originating from China, green tea is very common across the countries. The tea gets its name from the color of the liquid after it is brewed. The natural flavor of the leaf stands out. Flavor wise, green tea can range from a floral flavor to almost a grassy flavor. While extensive studies are being done to prove the health benefits of green tea, researchers are saying that green tea drinkers have much lower changes to develop heart disease and other certain types of cancer. Also, green tea is also linked to weight loss. Compared to the other teas, green tea is considered to have a lot less caffeine.

I really recommend exploring the lighter teas because not only are they very tasty, but the health benefits are terrific! Why spend money on anti-aging products when you can pour yourself a cup! Some of the lighter teas I recommend are:


lex said...

White tea has become my favourite drink. I like the white needle silver tip stuff: expensive, and difficult to brew, but cracking when you get it right