Friday, December 04, 2009

Tea Superstitions

Tea is enjoyed worldwide, and has been for many centuries. Over time, in any culture, fables and stories develop as a way of passing the wisdom of one generation on to the next generation. In the early days these tales were passed verbally from father to son and from mother to daughter. With time these stories evolved, sometimes accidentally and sometimes with purpose.

It is in this fashion that tea superstitions grew to be commonplace. They started as a simple comment, were spoken to a new generation, and then they were regarded as fact. Whether they are true or not is really up to each individual to decide, and you can look to your own life to see if you believe the tea superstitions or not.

If you want to stir up trouble simply stir your teapot counter clockwise, and you will get what you are looking for. Yet if you spill a little tea, it indicates that lady luck is about to smile on you. On the other hand if you spill tea from the spout of a teapot while carrying it to the table you can expect a secret to soon be revealed. If you accidentally leave the lid off of your teapot, you can expect to receive bad news from a stranger.

As you are steeping your teabag in your cup, if the tag falls off, then you will lose something during the next seven days. If, when you taste your tea, it is a little stronger than normal, you have a new friendship on the horizon. You want to take care to add milk to your tea last, because if you add your milk before your sugar you will cross the path of love and very likely never marry.

As you are setting places for your tea party take care not to accidentally place two teaspoons on the same saucer. Doing so indicates that a wedding or pregnancy is on the horizon, and if two women pour from the same teapot, one of them will have a baby in the next year.

However, as you are sipping your cup of tea, you do want to find a few bubbles floating on top, because each bubble represents a kiss.