Wednesday, December 09, 2009

House Cleaning with Tea

If you're trying to be more planet friendly, then green tea may be just the thing to help you become more “green”. Why not replace many of your cleaning products with green tea? It can hold its own as it helps keep your house spick and span.

You can brew a pot of tea and use it to clean wood furniture and floors. All you need to do is brew a couple of tea bags in a liter of water and then let it cool down completely. To clean your wooden furniture, simply dip a soft cloth into the tea and wring out the excess tea. Then you can proceed to wipe away any dirt or smudges on your furniture. Finish up by buffing with a clean, dry cloth and your furniture and floors are ready for guests.

After all of your floors and furniture are clean, you can brew a pot of very strong tea, and again let it cool. Use a soft cloth and dip it in the tea and wring it until it is simply damp. Then wipe it over the complete surface of the mirrors. After it dries buff it with a soft, dry cloth and you will have the perfect, streak- free shine on all of the mirrors in your home.

With clean floors and mirrors, it is time to turn your attention towards your fireplace. Before you begin gathering up the ashes, simply sprinkle your wet tealeaves over the entire area, and the wet tealeaves will keep the ashes from kicking up a lot of dust as you remove them from the fireplace making a messy job quite manageable.

On to the bedroom now where it is time to replace the sachet in your lingerie drawer. Replace the spent contents of your lace sachet pouch with your favorite herbal tea. After brewing a delicious pot of tea simply open several of the used teabags and spread the wet tealeaves on a sheet of newspaper to dry. After the leaves are completely dry, simply add them to your lace sachet pouch, and your lingerie smell delicious.


Manhattan Mold removal said...

I can not say how surprised and thrilled I am to find this post.Cleaning with green tea sounds lovely...and when all the tea used to just adorn the dustbin after the use.The floor cleaning?How is that done with these leaves?

Gyrlpoet7 said...

Wow, who knew... I think I 'm going to try this and see if it works. Thanks for the tip!

Lynnette M.
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