Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lapsang Souchong

Last night I sat down with a nice hot cup of Lapsang Souchong from the English Tea Store. I’ve been drinking Lapsang Souchong for years, and I’ve come to love its smoky flavor and aroma. However, I had never tried the English Tea Store brand, so I thought I’d give it a taste.

When I opened the bag, I noticed that the tea’s aroma was not overwhelmingly strong, as is often the case with Lapsang Souchong. In fact, it smelled wonderful, like a warm campfire I once built beneath the stars along the California coast at Big Sur.

I got out some spring water and put it on the stove to warm. When the water was warm enough, I poured it into my teapot where the Lapsang Souchong was waiting. I used a bit more than the recommended one teaspoon of tea per cup, hoping to fully experience the taste.

After steeping for about five minutes, I poured the tea through a strainer into my favorite tea cup. I held the cup and let the steam rolling off it touch my face. A few seconds later, I tasted the tea. Its flavor was strong enough for any lover of Lapsang Souchong, yet light enough to be enjoyed by all, and perfect for a rainy night at the end of October.

After the initial infusion, I re-steeped the tea and found that my second pot-full was just as delicious as the first. I would certainly recommend this tea to any tea drinker, especially those that enjoy Lapsang Souchong. The English Tea Store also sells an organic Lapsang Souchong that I’ve yet to try.


Margaret Studer said...

I was just thinking about Lapsang Souchong a few moments before I came on to your blog. When the weather turns cold, it's one of the teas I really enjoy. Of course any good tea is good in cold weather.

I particularly like Lapsang Souchong with apples, cheddar cheese, or a nice roast chicken breast.

It's also nice to marinate meat or chicken in Lapsang Souchong to give it a smokey flavor in months when it's too cold to barbecue outside.