Thursday, July 03, 2008

Iced Teas and New Darjeeling Blends from Mighty Leaf

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I have two teas to review with you today.  Since I have already posted a full review, I will not be focusing on packaging, the shipping experience, customer service and so forth, as I have already done so.  Instead, I will focus only on the teas themselves.

The first tea is one of Might Leaf's newer Darjeeling blends - Okayti Darjeeling Autumn Flush Oolong.  This is a particularly enjoyable blend.  I have always been fond of Oolongs, and there are very few teas that can beat those grown in the Darjeeling region.  Teas from the Darjeeling region have characteristics that are distinct from teas grown in other regions - much like Idaho potatoes taste very different than potatoes grown in other states, and Georia peaches taste differently than Utah peaches, and so forth.

I was particularly impressed with the blend for a number of reasons.  The first of those reasons is its excellent, natural mildness.  This is a very moderate blend, with a lot of flavor, and almost no astringency, which gives it a delightful flavor in the cup.  It is apparent that this tea was harvested at the peak of it's maturity, and processed very quickly, so as not to become bitter.  The quality of this blend is similar to much more expensive imported blends that I have tried.  Additionally, the leaves are whole and unbroken, which is uncommon in a less expensive tea.

I was also particularly impressed with the clarity of this blend in my teacup.  It is difficult to find Darjeelings that do not contain some cloudiness when brewed, but Mightly Leaf has found one, making this brew as aesthetically delightful as it is mild and delicious.

The second blend I will discuss today is one of Mighty Leaf's excellent iced blends.  Here in Utah, the temperatures can become quite extreme, and one must naturally find something to do to keep the temperature down - And iced teas fit the bill splendidly.

Of the three samples that Mighty Leaf sent me, there was one that I was impressed with above all others - A blend called Island Breeze.  This blend represents a very skilled mixture of herbs which compliment each other in all of the right ways.  It contains hibiscus, kiwi, and berries.  The thing that I was expecially impressed with in this view is how well the hibiscus blended with the fruit flavors.  I have sampled alot of hibiscus-fruit blends, and it is almost invariably the case that the delicate flavor of the hibiscus is overpowered by the strong fruity tones, however, that is not the case with this blend.  The hibiscus stood it's own, as was as pronounced as any of the flavors in the blend.

I was also pleased that I found only naural ingredients in this blend - No artificial flavors or colors - only pure fruit and herbs.  Mighty Leaf's Island Breeze just might be one of the best-blended iced teas I have ever sampled, and I give it my highest reccomendation.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to stay tuned to our blog throughout the summer, as we have many new and exciting reviews that will be coming out soon.  Also, this will be the first summer that I will be able to give proper attention to the blog, as this is the first summer that I have not gone into the mountains for 2 months.

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