Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why I drink tea...

To me, tea is the most comforting thing in the world. I love having the chance to go and just make a cup of relaxing chamomile, and hold it for a bit while it cools down. The scent, the taste, the warmth is just soothing.

It's like a quote that was mentioned after the bombing of the London subway.

When the news reporter said "Shopkeepers are opening their doors bringing out blankets and cups of tea" I just smiled. It's like yes. That's Britain for you. Tea solves everything. You're a bit cold? Tea. Your boyfriend has just left you? Tea. You've just been told you've got cancer? Tea. Coordinated terrorist attack on the transport network bringing the city to a grinding halt? TEA DAMMIT! And if it's really serious, they may bring out the coffee. The Americans have their alert raised to red, we break out the coffee. That's for situations more serious than this of course. Like another England penalty shoot-out.

While I may not live in England, this quote rings very true to me. We could learn a lot from those across the sea.

And how to prepare tea according to one on BBC's h2g2 can be found on

Signing off,